Ekant Retreat

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It is known that people forget what they have been told or shown, but they never forget how they have been felt. As one of the best hotels in Shimla hills, we do not impose any glittery show-off on our guests; instead we endeavour to make them feel snugly and contended. Ekant Retreat Resort is among best hotels in Chail, located quite at the fringe of the valley, where you can nestle into the wilderness and tranquillity. Your experience with us will be a fine posy composed of pristine air, twittering warblers, soaring hawks, exotic vistas, gourmet, amusements, ornate lodgings and bits of intellectual kindling. The premise is perfect vantage point to behold green landscapes, delightful valleys, stooping trunks of century old cedar trees and pastures, all that resorts in Chail. Not just outdoors, we wear our jewels on inside. We pay attention to those small things that we can do in a great way.


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