Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu and Goa were a division of a single union territory in India, ruled by the Portuguese for more than 450 years. In the year 1987, Goa has achieved its statehood, whereas Daman and Diu becomes a distinct and single union territory.

The union territory involves two districts and they are Daman and Diu. As a Portuguese colony, this place boasts several numbers of monuments and buildings witnessed by the Portuguese styled town planning and architecture.

Tourist Places in Daman and Diu

Fort Jerome: Nestled in the Damanganga River’s Northside at Nani Daman in Daman, Fort Jerome has got its name from St. Jerome whose statue is situated on top of the central entrance. It was built for keeping watch on the actions in the sea.

The main charisma of this fort is the “Church of Our Lady of the sea” - an astonishing example of Portuguese style architecture. Now, a portion of the church has been transformed into a school.

The other thing to watch in the premises of the fort is the Portuguese war cemetery that is almost as old as the fort. It is an outstanding place to pay a visit for individuals, who want to experience the extraordinary Portuguese style architecture.

Bom Jesus Church: Nestled in Moti Daman, Daman, the building of the church has begun in the year 1559 AD and it was completed in the year 1603 AD. Bom Jesus Church shows its brilliant and outstanding roman styled architecture. You will discover 6 amazing Saints’ statues inside the church.

The altar of the church are sculpted from wood and is an incredible sample of the Portuguese artisans. The church is a remnant of the Portuguese architecture and art as well as it is a significant part of the culture of Daman.

Lighthouse: Nestled in the Daman Ganga Bridge, the famous lighthouse is located in the premises of a Fort that was constructed in times of the Portuguese era. It is regarded one of the major landmarks of the Daman district. It is a must-visit destination and it features an outstanding architecture covering an area of about 30,000 sq meters.

Zampa Gateway: The gateway points the entry to the Diu District. Its construction was said to be performed in between of the medieval era that is evident by its extraordinary architecture.

Foods in Daman and Diu

The foods of Daman have a dominance of vegetarian recipes. As bound by the Indian state Gujarat, Daman represents a vast range of preparations from the vegetarian cuisine. Non-vegetarian preparations are also cooked in fewer restaurants.

Daman features a heterogeneous culture, as individuals from various cultures have settled in this region. Cuisines from all over the world are prepared in Daman restaurants. You can also discover authentic Parsee dishes in different restaurants in Daman.

Diu is extraordinarily mixed of cuisines of Gujarat and Portuguese. You can discover classical Gujarati food (the elements and flavors sourced from the nearby state) and Portuguese cuisine with the predominance of exotic seafood

Shopping in Daman and Diu

Shopping lovers can discover the enjoyment of the street shopping in Daman. Daman is well-known for its leather products and it highlights some incredible handicrafts for tourists, paying a visit to this place.

Daman is popular for its leather products, leather slippers that are amazingly reasonable and comfortable. You can also purchase leather handbags along with other accessories. As this place is full of beaches, naturally you can discover several accessories including lockets, bracelets, earrings made of seashells.

Nightlife in Daman and Diu

With the growth of a huge number of bars, the nightlife in Daman has promptly spruced up. The nightlife in Daman has become lavish with some outstanding partying places. The amazing beaches are the good alternative to spending time. It is among the perfect destinations, where tourists can pick from a picturesque natural beauty or the amazing pubs.

You can discover some of the places, such as Umesh restaurant and bar, Vira bar and restaurant, Sea view bar and restaurant, Ambika bar and restaurant, Jhilmil bar and restaurant, and so on for enjoying your nightlife.

Daman and Diu is waiting to provide you with an incredible traveling experience, are you ready?

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