Dudhsagar, what we understand by name is the majestic cascade of milk. Yes, it is a four-tiered waterfall. If you look from a distance, it resembles a spectacular stream of milk flowing down the hill and then splitting into streams of water. Located on the river Mandovi, it forms the border between the states of Goa and Karnataka. Dudhsagar is amongst the tallest waterfalls in India. Height is 310 metres and width 30 metres. During monsoon or just passed the monsoon is the best time to experience the sight of one of the tallest waterfall with the full force of water.

There is a legend that in the Western Ghats on the top of the mountain lived a mighty king in his beautiful ivory palace. There was a picturesque lake. The princess used to bathe in the lake and sip sugared milk. One day a prince was passing by the lake at the time of bath. To cover herself from the eyes of the stranger the princess poured the milk into the lake. Then on it is believed, sugared milk that poured into the lake still flowing down as Dudhsagar Falls.

The Dudhsagar Falls located right inside the Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park, Mollem in the Western Ghats. It gives a splendid view in the monsoon with the full force of water. Surrounding with lush green deciduous forests, it is a mesmerising feeling with the sight of the milky waterfalls with greenery and cold breeze.

Dudhsagar is 60km from Panaji and on the Madgaon-Belgavi rail route. The nearest airport is Panaji Airport at a distance of 60 km from Dudhsagar Falls. The bus and taxi are available. The nearest rail station is Collem. From Collem taxi services are available to Dudhsagar waterfalls. It is 6 km from the waterfall. It is the only access to the Dudhsagar. There is a station called Dudhsagar. But remember; do not try to take this route as no train stops here formally. Where trains stop for a minute, there will be no platform. Visitors have to walk on the railway tracks. Wild animals roam beside railway tracks. There is a rail tunnel which is 200m long and is dark. There is no drinking water, no clean restroom anywhere, no cellular signals and no availability of road transportation. Entering the falls from the railway tracks is banned. The NH4A highway also leads to Dudhsagar. The bus services are available by Goa tourism.

Goa Forest department opened Dudhsagar Waterfall's circuit for visitors. The journey performed by jeeps on fair weather day from Collem and back. It is total 12 km on the kutcha road. The journey Charges are levied for the trip and also for the entry fee in the national park. The jeeps registered with the forest department have the permission to enter the circuit. Only 225 trips per day are allowed based on first come first serve basis. No. of adults permitted per vehicle is seven. The private cars including two-wheelers are not allowed. One cannot enter the falls without life jackets. It is better to get information about the timings in advance to plan the trip without any hassle. If you follow the rules and regulations, you can make the trip enjoyable.


You can enjoy the activities like trekking, rock climbing, elephant ride inside the Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park and swimming.


The places around Dudhsagar Falls are Devil’s canyon, Tambdi Surla Temple, Sahyadri Spice Farm and Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. Of course do not forget Goa with exotic beaches, adventurous water sports, cruise ride, night parties, seafood etc.


The resorts and guest houses are available in Collem. It is near NH4A Highway.  The cottages are also available for rent for tourists. You can make the booking in advance or can search for places and negotiate depending on your budget. You can experience the beauty of nature with varied flora and fauna if you opt for staying in the cottages.

You can find few small restaurants and eateries on the NH4A highway. The Goan food and Chinese food you must try here.

You should remember that safety first when you are near the falls and do not forget mosquito repellents if you are there in monsoon.

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