Mahabaleshwar is a famous pilgrimage, a favourite spot for holiday and honeymoon

Mahabaleshwar is a hill station in the Western Ghats. It is located in the Satara district of the state of Maharashtra. It is famous for its evergreen forests, rivers, magnificent waterfalls, majestic peaks and harvest of berries. Mahabaleshwar is a famous pilgrimage, a favourite spot for holiday and honeymoon. Your activities in Mahabaleshwar include trekking, boating, horse riding, watching sunrise and sunsets and shopping. You can visit this place from June to October.

Mahabaleshwar is 260 kilometres from Mumbai. Pune International Airport is the nearest airport, 120 kilometres from Mahabaleshwar. The most adjacent railway junction is Pune. National highways connect it to the major cities like Pune, Satara, Mumbai, Sangil etc. The State bus, private cars & cabs are available.

The places to visit:

Kate’s Point

This point is 7 kilometres away from Mahabaleshwar bus stand. From this point Dhom dam, peaks of Pandavgadh, Kamalgadh, and Mandardeo are visible. Nature’s serene beauty becomes much more comfortable to capture from here.  

Elephant’s Head Point

It is also called needle hole point. The overhanging cliffs look like Elephant’s head and trunk.  The rock formation can be seen here. This point attracts tourists for its beauty and peaceful surroundings away from busy city life. They can experience the captivating beauty of Sunrise, Sunset and panoramic view of Sahyadri range of mountains, Kova Valley and Savitri Valley.

Arthur's Seat

This point gives the most enthralling view of Brahma-Arayana valley and the river Savitri. It can be said the queen of all points of Mahabaleshwar. This is just like a huge table set on natural pillars. For trekking, it is better to take a guide and also food and water.

Lodwick Point

This point is named after General Lodwick and was famous by name Sydney Point. General Lodwick, the first officer of the British Army, climb up to this point and a huge statue was made to honour his bravery. The pristine beauty along with mountain ranges and the forests is very much appealing to the eyes. You can also get the fantastic view of Elphinstone Point and Pratapgar Fort. This location is best for photography. Other points are Elphinstone Point, Wilson Point etc.

Lingamala Falls

This is a breath-taking waterfall on the Mahabaleshwar-Pune Road. The beauty of majestic falling of water from the high cliff surrounded by the lush green nature and the melodious sound it creates, gives immense joy that is indescribable. This ecstatic location should not be missed anyway. The Dhobi waterfall and the Chinaman’s waterfall are nearby and must also be visited. The other falls are Chinaman’s Falls, Dhobi Fall etc.

Venna Lake

The scenic beauty of Venna Lake attracts the tourists from all over the country. The eye-catching view of this human-made lake captivates nature lovers. There is option for boat rides and horse rides for the visitors.

Mahabaleshwar Temple

This is an ancient temple of Maratha Empire and the extremely popular temple of Lord Shiva. The Shiva Lingam is 6 feet tall, but only the tip is visible. The devotees of Lord Shiva visit this temple for its divine and pure spiritual environment.


This is a satellite village in the quaint valleys of Mahabaleshwar. The tantalising scenic beauty of nature makes it famous as ‘Mini Kashmir’.


Mahabaleshwar is known for its Berry farming along Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar road. You must visit a farm, and if lucky you can even taste the mouth-watering berries with the permission of the owner.

The other places near to Mahabaleshwar are Table Land, Mapro garden, Kaas Plateau, Devrai Art Village, Rajpuri Caves etc. in Panchgani and around.

You can avail easy accommodation in Mahabaleshwar as there are lodges, motels as well as expensive hotels and resorts.

In case of food, the cuisine of Mahabaleshwar is full of berries like Strawberries, Mulberries, and vegetables like Carrots, Corn, Cherry size tomatoes from its local harvesting farms. The speciality of the town is deserts made from berries, ice- creams, jams, shakes, syrups, fudge, jellies, Whipped creams and corn patties from local harvests. The Bada Paav and others are also popular.


 The bazaar in Mahabaleshwar is located in the centre of the town. One can get just anything here. Shopping must include berries, honey and the famous Kolhapuri sandals.

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