Hampi is situated on the River Tungabhadra’s banks. It is a beautiful and enthralling temple land surrounded by the captivating historical devastations of Vijayanagara city in the Indian state Karnataka.

Hampi is very popular for its tourist spots and that’s why many tourists visit this land. This particular place is composed of monoliths, boulders and the destructions of age-old structures have become fascinating tourist attractions. For such reasons, Hampi is regarded as one of the topmost tourist places in Karnataka.

The ideal time of visiting Hampi is from the months of October to February. Within these months, most of the tourists visit Hampi because the weather of Hampi is great and delightful for sightseeing. January or February month is also an appropriate time for traveling Hampi, as the cultural performance that happens in Hampi Utsav.

Tourist Attractions

Hampi provides an incredible atmosphere of spirituality and tranquillity. Let’s discuss some of its popular tourist attractions:

Vijaya Vittala Temple: Visit this temple and you can get opportunities to explore the structure of 15th-century. It is regarded as the largest historical structures, as compared to others in this beautiful land of Hampi.

This captivating and huge temple is devoted to Lord Vittala (Lord Vishnu’s incarnation). Vijaya Vittala Temple should not be missed while visiting Hampi.

Sri Virupaksha Temple: This popular temple is thought to be the oldest functioning temple in this country (India). It is an age-old 7th-century Hindu temple, devoted to Lord Virupaksha (Lord Shiva’s incarnation). It is considered among the most notable religious spots in Hampi. A large number of devotees visit Sri Virupaksha Temple from all around India.

Hemakuta Hill Temple Complex: Hemakuta Hill is one of the famous places in Hampi because ranges of Hindu temples, broken pathways, and devastations of fortified walls are present here. Mula Virupaksha Temple is situated in Hemakuta Hill Temple complex and it is a very popular tourist spot in Hampi.

Two other famous temples in Hampi are Sasivekalu Ganesha Temple and Lakshmi Narasimha Temple.

Food Activity in Hampi

If you are a foodie and preparing to visit Hampi, then it’s very important to remember a fact. The Tungabhadra River divides this particular town and one bank of this river accommodates temples and for that reason, non-vegetarian is not allowed there. You can go to another side of Tungabhadra River (taking a ferry) in search of your favorite meal.

You can explore different South Indian foods in this beautiful land, such as Idli and Dosa (as a breakfast menu) as well as thali meals (as a lunch menu). Three popular dishes- Fried Rice, Vegetable curry, and Cauliflower Manchurian are available here as well. Most of the eateries in Hampi are placed around the Hampi Bazaar.

Shopping in Hampi:

If you are an ardent shopper, then Hampi offers many things to fulfill your shopping requirements. Hampi Bazaar is a popular long street and nestled in front of the very famous Virupaksha temple. This market offers lots of local as well as imported goods. Ranging from gold, ornaments, and diamonds to cows and horses, Hampi Bazaar is a one-stop destination for all. Today, this renowned market sells different types of local items, such as antique coins, traditional dresses, stone ornaments, colorful bags, jewelry, handicraft items, artifacts, and so on.

Vittala Bazar is another popular market in this historic land of Hampi. This specific street is still functional and intact in a comparison with other ancient markets. You can purchase incredible and beautiful Gods’ idols manufactured from brass and wood. It is an appropriate destination to purchase a gift for your near and dear ones, who are searching Indian objects.

Nightlife in Hampi

Apart from popular temples and other tourist attractions, you can explore a vivid nightlife in Hampi. This place is popular for its great bars as well as casual nightclubs. If you are a party person, then you can visit such places to have some amusement. This place does not have a large number of these clubs, however, tourists can enjoy the nightlife in Hampi by going to some establishments that are open during the hours of the late night. Such places are approximately every time encircled in the hotels.

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