The headquarters of Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh is Kurnool and often called ‘The Gateway of Rayalaseema’. The name Kurnool is derived from “Kandanavolu”. It lies on the bank of the Tungabhadra River. Kurnool was the capital of Andhra Pradesh from October 1953 to November 1956.

Kurnool is connected to major cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai as it is on the National Highway7. There are also trains that reach Kurnool railway station from Bangalore and Hyderabad.

The places to visit in Kurnool and around are:

Kurnool Fort or Konda Reddy Fort

This historical fort is a prominent landmark of the town at the heart of the city. It was built by Achyuta Devarayalu of Vijayanagar dynasty. The beautiful architecture gives the impression of the glorious history.



Shirdi Sai Baba temple

This 70 year’s old temple is the most revered place in Kurnool. It is 5 minutes walking distance from Konda Reddy Fort, on the bank of Tungabhadra River. This is a star-shaped temple and looks stunning. Thousands of devotees visit this place around the year. The morning and evening is the best time to visit when Aarti performed with grandeur. There are also idols of Mata Lakshmi and Hanuman Ji.

Peta Anjaneya Swami temple

 It is the oldest and rarest temple in Kurnool which is more than 700 years old. The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. In the 13th century A.D. Sri Narahari Theertharu, the second disciple of Sri Madhwacharya at the time of his spiritual journey around the banks of Tungabhadra, installed an idol of Lord Hanuman and Lord Sri Venkateswara in this spot in Kurnool. Later the shrine came as a temple. Every Tuesday and Saturday devotees worship in hundreds for the fulfilment of their wishes. In 1927 Sri Munji Lakshmanacharya, started Vaarshika Brahmotsavam which is held every year for the prosperity of people of Tirumala. The hundreds of people participate in this festival.   

Kurnool is the town of temples. The other temples are Satyanarayana Swami temple, Ayyappa Swamy temple, Sri Venkateswara Swami temple, Sri Raghavendra Swamy temple etc.

Tungabhadra River Banks

The visitors should have a walk on the banks of the Tungabhadra River to experience the cooling effects of the river.

Belum Caves


Belum Caves is the pride of Andhra Pradesh and protected zone. The Govt. spends millions on this cave. This largest and longest cave system is still open for the tourists. This is famous for its stalactite and stalagmite formations with the consequent limestone formation created by taking millions of years. The stunning rock formations with several chambers named such as Saptasvarala Guha, Simhadwaram, The Kotilingalu Chamber, Voodalamari, Thousand hoods, and Dhyan Mandir are really worth watching. The beauty of the caves with numerous pathways of water stream on limestone will leave you awestruck. There is a point 46 meters deep inside the cave known as Pataalaganga. An underground stream flows here throughout the year. There are galleries, large cavities and long passages including spectacular sinkholes generated by the movement of subterranean water flow. Outside the caves, a huge forty feet high statue of Lord Buddha was placed to honour the Jain, and Buddhist monks used the caves for meditation.

Alampur Jogulamba Devi and Naba Brahma temple


 Located at a distance of 30km from Kurnool town, it is one of the Ashtadasa Shakthi Peetas and devotees called this place Dakshina Kashi or Sangam Kshetra. It is in Jogulamba, Gadwal district of Telangana. It is said that Devi’s upper jaw with tooth fell right at this place. The temple is just at the union point of two rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra. The magnificent architecture of the temple surrounded by Nallamala Hills attracts tourists to this place.

The temples of Lord Brahma are very rare in this country. The Lord Brahma performed penance and pleased Lord Shiva at this place. He was granted the boon to creating the universe. So in Alampur, you can find Naba Brahma temples.

There are plenty of hotels to choose for staying according to your budget and variety of foods is readily available. Kurnool is famous for gold, Jawar and Sonamukhi Rice. The Shroff Bazar of Kurnool is renowned for luring jewellery options and tempting bargains. There are also other shopping centres and malls nearby.


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